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The Munga

(Video Animation & Presentation Design)

This was an interesting project to work on. My client needed a professional presentation designed for a new event pitch that they wanted to present to Monster Energy, South Africa. The concept was to create the biggest mountain bike race the world had ever seen – no rules, no limits.

The race took contestants through some of the toughest mountainous areas of South Africa, South America and China. I understood what emotions and themes needed to be encapsulated, but it was no less tricky as I had a completely open brief. The only stipulation was that Monster Energy needed to be a hero within the theme.

I had to create a 2-minute video that told the audience everything they needed to know. After a lot of research and conceptualisation, I had something the client was extremely happy with. Unfortunately, the huge price tag attached to hosting such an event cut its life short, but I’m still happy with the result.

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