Connoisseurs Club

A brand of gentlemen's grooming and styling material.

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Connoisseurs Club

My Role:

Art Direction, Design, Packaging Design, Brand Development and UX & UI.


The Connoisseurs Club I immediately identified with. It’s one I helped to conceive and, ultimately, bring to life. It is a grooming, hygiene, and skincare line for men who take pride in their appearance. In the client’s own words, it was a brand for the man who understands that being well-groomed doesn’t just happen.

What was initially presented to me was an amalgamation of ideas and concepts that needed stitching together and refining. There was no CI to speak of, and the brand lacked a personality at that point. After working quite closely with the client on the brand itself, I designed and developed the website as well as their product packaging

Welcome to the Connoisseurs Club

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