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withe the new X-Bionic® DragonFly Trisuit 5G

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Swim. Bike. Run. Win!

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Art Direction, Photography Direction, Graphic Design, Retouching, Product Design and Concept Presentations. UI & UX.


Tried and tested by Timo Bracht (a decorated Triathlete and IronMan champion) in the Immenstadt Wind Tunnel, Germany. The results were as imagined, a great success. Designed to increase hydrodynamics and comfort in the water. Crafted out of highly breathable material, preventing water absorption, and enabling you to glide through the water quickly and easily. The Dragonwing Mesh and an extremely comfortable neck and anti-friction materials, let you reach peak performance.

Dragonfly Technology reduces the drag and optimally controls the airflow during the bike part of the race for the triathletes. Besides, the incorporation of the Precision Bike Pad enables a new level of comfort, tailored to the needs of the triathlete and letting the pain for the adversaries and not for the one using this product. The award-winning patented 3D Bionic Sphere® System with Thermosyphon® Technology works in tandem with the Dragonfly y System Technology to enable ultimate performance. It cools, when you sweat, warms when you are cold. This way your body always stays at the optimal temperature to get you across the finish line.

Swim. Bike. Run. Win!

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