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Meet the NEW 'Energizer Fitness' sports apparel by X-BIONIC®, made for woman.

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Art Direction, Photography Direction, Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Retouching, and UI & UX.


The X-BIONIC® Energizer® Fitness collection is engineered to take your workout to the next level. With the integration of award-winning functionality.

The collection is able to provide stability with the HeliXcoil technology which enhances blood circulation and reduces the risk of injury. The Cohesion Wrap technology supports the connective tissue and supports lymphatic flow. Lastly the 3D Bionic Sphere® System with ThermoSyphon®
Technology that is included to leave a comfortable, thin, cooling layer of moisture on the skin without the body sensing wetness, better performance, and optimal temperature-regulation.

The entire system of channels functions as insulation during both rest and recovery phases.

Go to the gym, we’ll do the rest.

Made for woman

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