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My Role:

Art Direction, Photography Direction, Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Retouching, and UI & UX.


PUMA by X-BIONIC was the first big collaboration with a ‘big player’ in the sports apparel market and it was a great responsibility to keep PUMA as excited as we were.

My role in the project was to brainstorm, create, and Art Direct all presentations to PUMA. We started off with presenting to their head of innovation and after impressing him on multiple occasions we went through to presenting our marketing and design direction to their heads of international marketing. The look and feel went well, we went through very little changes which was a flattering surprise. It was a great achievement for the company to have had this chance to collaborate with a brand like puma and have earned their respect.
PUMA recognized our technologies and realized that we could be a great partner to them and create fully-functional sportswear with our patented technologies.

Apart from the Art Direction, I also assisted in the direction of the photoshoots, as well as all design for the communication and packaging (shirts, shorts, socks, and jackets). The collaboration look and feel was used by PUMA international for their own campaign work.

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A campaign that started a domino effect

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