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WODIL. Social e-commerce

My Role:

Art Direction, Design, and Animation.


Wodil was interesting, to say the least, due to it being a concept for an American market. We were approached to create its brand and personality. The idea was simple: make the brand feel young and fun, make it feel relevant. The product in question, Wodil, is a personal crowdfunding app that enabled customers to create shopping lists—for Birthdays, Christmas, Weddings, etc.—from various online stores. It then allowed friends and family to purchase those gifts as a group – sharing the costs between them.

To create an animation that’s entertaining is easy enough, but it also needed to educate its audience. They had to buy into a relatively new idea, which took some thought. Overall, the customer and I were happy with the final product. I was also involved in the initial stages of designing a website, but the product didn’t receive the support it needed to release it to the market.

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