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Twice the cooling for more performance.

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My Role:

Art Direction, Packaging Design, Graphic Design, Retouching, and Animation.

Introduction to TWYCE:

TWYCE is a technology line of X-BIONIC sports apparel. Each technology line of X-BIONIC has a specific purpose, to solve a unique problem to help you perform better. In this case, TWYCE was created to help you perform in cold and warm climates for the athlete that likes to train in colder early mornings or later in the day when things start to heat up. I have had the pleasure to create and to develop brand communication as well as visual communication through photoshoots, intricate packaging, presentations (for distributors), social media campaigns and video campaigns.

After choosing the right colour, it was adapted to the X-BIONIC brand texture and enhanced to make it unique enough to stick out and something different. The Y structures were utilized as particles to bring movement and depth into the designs.
TWYCE has twice the amount of cooling to help you perform under all conditions, in very hot and very cold climates.

TWYCE Communication

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