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A brand that turned the sports apparel industry upside down. Inventing and creating sports apparel technologies that keep you cool when you work out, and warm when you rest.

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X-BIONIC AG Wollerau/CH is the most advanced and awarded super-sportswear brand on the planet. X-BIONIC® has been setting trends for decades that inspire millions of athletes and competitors. How do we know this? Simple. They have Research and Development that has lead to over 800 International Patent Registrations Worldwide, these patent registrations have lead to gain over 700 hundred awards and test wins worldwide, including the prestigious ‘iF’, ‘Red Dot’ and ‘Plus X’ awards. These awards document their superiority in innovation, product design, and functionality. These awards have lead to over 1200 medals won by international championships and the Olympics.

X-BIONIC® has been named the most innovative brand in the sportswear industry by the Plus X jury 11 times in a row. The founder, Professor Bodo Lambertz, is 1 of 7 persons in history to win this “Lifetime achievement award”; an award that is presented to leaders who have shaped entire industries.

In the last years, their ideas and thinking have fuelled partnerships with top brands such as Lamborghini, Puma and Harley-Davidson…and this is just the beginning.

My role at X-BIONIC has been to bring the brand and visual communication into the future. This is my journey. The task has been to change the photo shooting to represent the brand, enhance the digital experience, art direct the videos to bring them in a modern and technical light, adapt the packaging to communicate that X-BIONIC is a sports technologies company, not a fashion brand. A company that creates solutions to help you out-perform.

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X-BIONIC : Rebranding, Reinventing

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